Critical Vote: Tell your Senators to support the Tester-Hagan amendment

The Senate just voted 74 Yes to 25 No in favor of the cloture vote. This means that S.510, aka The Food Modernization Act, will move forward in the Senate for a vote by the end of the week, possibly as soon as tomorrow. Even as the debate continues on the Senate floor, the forces of Big Ag are working behind the scenes to kill the Tester-Hagan Amendment and all provisions meant to protect small farmers.

As early as tomorrow the Senate could vote on the food safety bill and FARMERS NEED the Tester-Hagan and Manager’s Amendments to be included to protect them from harmful regulations.

» Call your senator now!

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Urge Congress to Pass the Child Nutrition Act

“It’s this opportunity or we lose it” – Rep George Miller, referring yesterday to the Child Nutrition Act.

Today 32 million children will line up in school cafeterias across the nation. Right now, underfunding means that the people filling our kids’ trays have no choice but to do it with food that will lead to one in three of those children contracting diabetes.

It’s time to serve our kids a better deal.

As Congress returns post-election, they’ll have an improved Child Nutrition Act sitting on their desk – one that gives more money for each meal, supports farm-to-table programs, and kicks junk food out of schools. Click here to tell them to pass it now:

» Sign the petition

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The Pleasures of Slow Food

Alex Mulcahy of Grid Magazine, one of our Terra Madre delegates, recently published this piece on his experience at Terra Madre and Salone del Gusto in the December 2010 issue.
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Nose to Tail Back to Belly

WHYY did a piece with Marilyn Anthony of PASA and High View Farm owners Linda Geren and Michael McKay on the topic of humanely raising animals and getting the most out of the less popular cuts of meat.

» Click here to watch the video

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Salone del Gusto & Terra Madre 2010

The Slow Food International founder and president Carlo Petrini has a very exacting definition of globalization. It’s not using Romanian milk to make Italian cheese. His firm retort to anyone who calls that globalization: “tutte balle” (all lies)! His food-focused vision of the much-tossed-around term lies closer to two words interlinked by two symbols: “Food +/= Places.” It’s the circular notion of terroir, of food being rooted to a specific place, and of that place expressing itself through its food. It’s also the theme of the International Salone del Gusto 2010, the eighth edition of Slow Food’s biennial celebration of foods from around the world.

Carlo Petrini has called on America to lead the charge for change. In his words the world is watching and will follow our leadership. Salone del Gusto was the festival that celebrated food and more importantly food culture around the world. Terra Madre centered around forums, seminars, and inspirational discussions that included delegates from around the world. You can learn more about the delegates that represented our Philly chapter in Italy on our website and we hope to hold a conference to discuss the future endeavors we hope to accomplish having been inspired by our leadership that included Carlo and Josh Viertel, our President of Slow Food USA.

Click here for some photos of this year’s event.

“Wow. Terra Madre and the Salone were totally over the top. Thanks to you and to the Philly Slow Food chapter for selecting and supporting me and the rest of our group as delegates. I hope PASA can be a resource in years to come for recruiting farmers and food producers to attend Terra Madre—it can only have a hugely positive impact on the food system in our region.

Please share my deepest gratitude with the Philadelphia Slow Food chapter. I look forward to more collaborations celebrating and promoting the heroes of local foods.”

“Paul Crivellaro called me on Tuesday to say that every farmer in PASA should see Terra Madre- he was blown away. Thank you for putting your group together. “

Quotes from Marilyn Anthony
PASA SE Regional Director

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"Dig In" Event Recap in The Triangle

Drexel University’s Student Newspaper, The Triangle, published a great review of our October 3rd “Dig In” event. Click below to read the article!

» Vendors foster fresh, organic foods – The Triangle

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Study of Public Gardens, Home Food Gardening

Have you ever visited a public garden that has cooking classes or display vegetable gardens? Help public gardens to improve their offerings on the topic of food gardening by taking this survey. If completed, you can be entered into a raffle for a gift card to Seed Savers Exchange!

» Take the survey now!

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Welcome to the new

Welcome and thanks for taking a moment to catch up. We have sent out a couple of newsletters so far, but we understand that some of you may not have gotten them and we think we have worked out the kinks moving forward. First off, on behalf of all of our Philadelphia Chapter membership and friends of Slow Food Philly, we want to sincerely thank Hansjakob Werlen for his many years of service to our group. His work on both a local and international level to further our movement and it’s many causes will continue to inspire this new group of leaders to our chapter. Please visit our Steering Committee page of this website to learn more about us.

Our upcoming event on July 17th posted on our events page promises to be an outstanding event. We hope that we can provide you with activities on both a social and educational level moving forward. We extend our hand to our friends in the South Jersey area and hope that we can in the future provide activities in your area. We have also been working on organizing our delegation to send to Terra Madre in Torino, Italy this fall. Once the delegates have been fully approved by the National Slow Food Committee we will post information on them on our website so that we can all provide support and benefit from their experience in Italy.

I, along with our new Steering Committee, look forward to meeting everyone at a future event. We will slowly be building our website to provide you with information and resources to help us all live a Slow Food lifestyle in Philly. We are blessed to live in a city that is built on neighborhoods with a bounty of worldly culture and diversity. May we all in the future find the time to break bread together, raise a glass in toast, and share the experience.

Thanks and as always I implore you, if you are not currently a member, please take a moment to sign up or renew.

Joe Brandolo

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