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Breadbasket: Our Food Day Celebration

Inspired by and in collaboration with the Philadelphia Chapter of Les Dames d’Escoffier we hosted an event that highlighted the many great food related organizations in our region and were fed by some of our most beloved Philadelphia women chefs in our region. We assembled a dynamic group of speakers who are on the front lines of the sustainable food movement followed by a luncheon prepared by some of our finest women chefs in our region. During the luncheon representatives of various organizations manned “meet and greet” tables in the lobby. Photos by Sarah McKay

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SF_bread_basket_lowres001.JPG SF_bread_basket_lowres002.JPG SF_bread_basket_lowres003.JPG SF_bread_basket_lowres004.JPG SF_bread_basket_lowres005.JPG SF_bread_basket_lowres006.JPG SF_bread_basket_lowres007.JPG SF_bread_basket_lowres008.JPG SF_bread_basket_lowres009.JPG SF_bread_basket_lowres010.JPG SF_bread_basket_lowres011.JPG SF_bread_basket_lowres012.JPG SF_bread_basket_lowres013.JPG SF_bread_basket_lowres014.JPG SF_bread_basket_lowres015.JPG SF_bread_basket_lowres016.JPG SF_bread_basket_lowres017.JPG SF_bread_basket_lowres018.JPG SF_bread_basket_lowres019.JPG SF_bread_basket_lowres020.JPG SF_bread_basket_lowres021.JPG SF_bread_basket_lowres022.JPG SF_bread_basket_lowres023.JPG SF_bread_basket_lowres024.JPG SF_bread_basket_lowres025.JPG SF_bread_basket_lowres026.JPG SF_bread_basket_lowres027.JPG SF_bread_basket_lowres028.JPG SF_bread_basket_lowres029.JPG SF_bread_basket_lowres030.JPG SF_bread_basket_lowres031.JPG
Viewing images 1-31 of 31

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