Victory Brewing Company

“Since opening the brewery in February 1996, Bill and Ron have emphasized environmental responsibility. When choosing a brewery location, they decided to rejuvenate the existing buildings of a former Pepperidge Farm factory instead of building new. Later, in 2004, Victory Brewing Company upgraded the brewhouse with a system that recovers much of the primary energy fueling it. Essentially, a third of the natural gas burned to heat and boil beer is not lost, but retained in the system for heating purposes, enabling us to reduce CO2 emissions. In 2009 and 2010, we installed a total of 12 thermally-protected, energy efficient fermenters whose cooling and temperature monitoring are powered with photovoltaic electricity, in order to maintain our ethic of low environmental impact manufacturing.
We are proud to harness the energy of the sun to power our beer-making with the installation of 345 photovoltaic panels. Installed by SunPower Builders of Collegeville, PA, the system generates approximately 82,000kWh of clean, green electricity each year. A system monitor installed in our restaurant here at Victory Brewing Company displays live data regarding the system’s energy generation for patrons to witness.
The brewery was purposefully opened less than 14 miles from the pristine headwaters of the Brandywine Creek. Because of the important role water plays in the production of quality beer, Victory Brewing Company initiated The Headwaters Grant as a way to give back to the groups working hard to protect the natural resource.”

Owners: Bill Covaleski & Ron Barchet
Chef: Eric MacPherson
Manager: Matt Krueger

Local Providers:
Highspire Farms, Ernst Illg, Birchrun Farms, Yellow Springs Farm, Connebella, Leidys Farm, Oley Baker
Menu Items:
Bibb Salad
Cheese Plate
BBQ Pork Sandwich
Italian Smoked Pork Sandwich
Flaxseed, Rye and Sourdough breads for our sandwiches
Victory Brewing Company


(610) 873-0881

420 Acorn Lane
Downingtown, PA 19335