Philadelphia CowShare

“Philadelphia CowShare, a young, socially-aware, for-profit company, is redefining local meat distribution in the Philadelphia Metro Area. We sell healthy beef from healthy cows raised on healthy land with the convenience of home delivery. We sell the whole animal, minimize the need for complicated warehousing and distribution systems, and return more of the food dollar to the farmer and butcher. Our beef is dry-aged for 14 days. Our cows eat grass and forage on pasture and have not been given antibiotics or growth hormones. Our farms are within a reasonable drive of Philadelphia. Our family-owned butcher is in Lancaster County.
Philadelphia CowShare focuses on three pillars of sustainability: Financial, Environmental and Consumptive. We pay the farmers fairly based on the cost of production and not commodity prices. We partner with farmers who are stewards of their land and shepherds of their animals. And we reintroduce customers to an old fashioned way of buying and cooking meat, by the animal.”

Jessica Moore (Founder, CEO)
Ted LeBow (Owner, COO)
Philadelphia CowShare


(267) 603-1043