Le Virtù

“Le Virtù honors the culture and cuisine of Italy and Europe’s greenest region, Abruzzo, where over one third of the territory is dedicated national, regional or WWF parkland and natural modes of farming and animal husbandry are the norm. Farms are small, communal cooperatives predominate and livestock eat wholesome diets and often pasture free-range on pristine high-mountain plains. Everything we create comes directly from or is inspired by the “cucina abruzzese” and its attendant traditions. This means more than using recipes authentic to the region and traditional methods to make our fresh pastas, butcher and cure our meats and slow cook our ragus; it demands provisioning locally from producers we know personally who are committed to growing heirloom vegetables, naturally and humanely raising heritage breeds and being responsible actors in their own communities, mostly in Berks and Lancaster counties. The ingredients we source from Abruzzo– i.e. saffron from the Navelli plain, D.O.P. olive oil from Loreto Aprutino and unpasteurized sheep’s-milk cheeses from an award winning bioagriturismo in Anversa degli Abruzzi– are some of the most prized and naturally and artisanally produced in Italy. Our wines come predominantly from small producers, some of them organic, in Abruzzo and southern Italy. In Abruzzo we have visited many of these farms and cantinas, and lived in the surrounding communities. Our commitment also means honoring the ethos of the Abruzzese table, serving honest and healthy food that is carefully prepared in an unpretentious environment that engenders community. It has been our mission to reintroduce the craft, passion and quality of the “cucina abruzzese” to our South Philadelphia neighborhood, which was ground zero for much of the diaspora from Abruzzo, and to demonstrate the value of this cuisine of shepherds, farmers and fisherman. We hope to show that Abruzzo’s cultural concern with quality, wholesomeness and tradition has enormous relevance in Philadelphia and might provide a more healthy and satisfying way to sustain ourselves and our community.”

Francis Cratil-Cretarola
Cathy Lee
Joe Cicala

Local Providers:
Country time farms - all our pork products (house-made salume, porchetta, sausages etc)
Green Meadow Farm - all our vegetables, dairy, and suckling pig
Samuels & sons seafood - all fish is sustainable, line caught

Italian Imports:
Porta Dei Parchi - voted most organic farm in Italy, all our sheeps milk cheeses
Bill Digiaccamo - all imported specialty Abruzzese products, (organic flours, oils, beans, cheeses etc)
Le Virtù


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