“We believe in sourcing local ingredients because we feel it is important to try and help to create a supportive local economy. One in which we know that what we purchase for our customers is the same product that our farmers feed to their family and friends. Being able to know that the heirloom and heritage breeds they provide for us are being raised humanly and with as little impact on the planet as possible. Not having to rely on a large company who gains control of an entire market and reducing our options for what is provided as goods and many times losing multiple jobs that are necessary to keep a community alive. It is not only important to think of how much better the tomato picked yesterday verses two weeks ago tastes but also everyone who is needed to be able to produce the quality products we have come to love and rely on.”

Sheri & Kip Waide (owners-chef,bartender)
Nick Macri (chef de cuisine/charcutier)

Local Providers:
Country Time Pork, Griggstown, Birchrun Hills, Rineer Family Farms, Zone 7 Produce
Menu Items:
house cured culatello, raw rutabega, fresh oregano
cured fluke, marinated beets, cilantro crema
slow roasted sirloin, creamed leeks, grit cake, hot sauce, poached egg
grilled trout, watermelon radish, pickled shallot, herb dressing
All items are seasonal


(215) 238-1888

701 S. 4th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147