Supper Restaurant

“Our mission at Supper is to only use the best, freshest, seasonal, local ingredients. We feel that by supporting smaller local producers we are not only helping to put great ingredients on the plate we are also doing a greater service for the general community. We enjoy giving business to local purveyors who provide jobs in the local community. We also feel that it is part of our job to create the smallest foot print we can upon the earth while we are here doing business. To that end we will only source seafood, fish, meat, and vegetables that have been caught, grown, or raised with this goal in mind.”

Mitch Prensky (Chef, Owner)
Jennifer Prensky (Owner)

Local Providers:
Blue Elephant Farm - exclusive produce for Supper
Country Time Farm - Pork
Three Springs Fruit Farm - Apples
Menu Items:
Country Time Farm pork shoulder confit with brussels sprouts, boiled cider & spiced yam puree
Supper Restaurant


(215) 592-8180

926 South Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147