“Sycamore sources from local farms that have a sterling reputation for high-quality and healthy and humane practices. Our menu changes frequently because we rely so heavily on what’s available locally. This not only gives our customers a diversity of choices, but also showcases how local agricultural products come in and out of season as we move through the calendar. Rather than relying on big rig trucks to deliver food, we have in some cases a small truck from the farm that delivers to us, or in many more cases, our Chef goes to the purveyor to pick out our goods. This ensures that the product meets his high standards, and the back and forth of order mistakes and wasted product are kept to a minimum.”

Stephen Wagner
Sam Jacobson


Local Providers:
Green Meadow Farm (Gap, PA), Maple Acres Farm (Plymouth Meeting, PA), Griggstown Quail Farm (Princeton, NJ)
Menu Items:

Wild Mushrooms on Toast: Sautéed Yellowfoot Chanterelle, Royal Trumpet, and Beech Mushrooms, Sourdough Crouton, Truffled Sunny-Side Up Lancaster Egg

(484) 461-2867

14 S. Lansdowne Ave
Lansdowne, Pennsylvania 19050


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