The Farm and Fisherman Tavern, Horsham PA

“We try to source local pastured meat as much as possible and have great relationships in particular with Wyebrook Farm in Honey Brook (chicken, pigs, 100% grassfed beef) and Jamison Farms in Latrobe, PA (lamb). Our eggs are from hens we bought and made a rotational hen house for. They are 100% pastured, outdoor eggs we keep on a farm that rotates them with their grass fed beef herd. We also purchase wind power for the restaurant and compost all of our plate scraps, vegetables waste and stock bones. Our cooking oil gets recycled for bio diesel.”

Josh Lawler

Local Providers:
Wyebrook Farm, Jamison Farms
The Farm and Fisherman Tavern, Horsham PA



575 Horsham Rd
Horsham, PA 19044