“Vedge springs from a long tradition of supporting local, organic and sustainable products. With roots that dig back to Horizons Cafe at Nature’s Harvest in Willow Grove, Chef Richard Landau developed close ties with local, organic farmers and producers or artisanal products. As a vegetable restaurant with an entirely vegan kitchen, Vedge inherently shares many of the same beliefs that fuel the Slow Foods Movement. Chefs Landau and Jacoby’s commitment to quality maintains that the ingredients highlighted on their menus represent the best of what the local region has to offer throughout the year.”

Richard Landau
Kate Jacoby

Local Providers & Menu Items:
Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative
THE DIRT LIST today’s farm vegetables
Fresh Tofu, Allentown, PA
gold beets, smoked tofu, avocado, capers, cucumber dill sauce, pumpernickel
Wailea Agricultural Group
fresh hearts of palm cake, squash, curry, daal, green harissa
Ray's Seitan, Allentown, PA
grilled seitan, black lentils, portobella stem, creamy horseradish


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1221 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107