Welcome to the new SlowFoodPhilly.org

Welcome and thanks for taking a moment to catch up. We have sent out a couple of newsletters so far, but we understand that some of you may not have gotten them and we think we have worked out the kinks moving forward. First off, on behalf of all of our Philadelphia Chapter membership and friends of Slow Food Philly, we want to sincerely thank Hansjakob Werlen for his many years of service to our group. His work on both a local and international level to further our movement and it’s many causes will continue to inspire this new group of leaders to our chapter. Please visit our Steering Committee page of this website to learn more about us.

Our upcoming event on July 17th posted on our events page promises to be an outstanding event. We hope that we can provide you with activities on both a social and educational level moving forward. We extend our hand to our friends in the South Jersey area and hope that we can in the future provide activities in your area. We have also been working on organizing our delegation to send to Terra Madre in Torino, Italy this fall. Once the delegates have been fully approved by the National Slow Food Committee we will post information on them on our website so that we can all provide support and benefit from their experience in Italy.

I, along with our new Steering Committee, look forward to meeting everyone at a future event. We will slowly be building our website to provide you with information and resources to help us all live a Slow Food lifestyle in Philly. We are blessed to live in a city that is built on neighborhoods with a bounty of worldly culture and diversity. May we all in the future find the time to break bread together, raise a glass in toast, and share the experience.

Thanks and as always I implore you, if you are not currently a member, please take a moment to sign up or renew.

Joe Brandolo

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