Salone del Gusto & Terra Madre 2010

The Slow Food International founder and president Carlo Petrini has a very exacting definition of globalization. It’s not using Romanian milk to make Italian cheese. His firm retort to anyone who calls that globalization: “tutte balle” (all lies)! His food-focused vision of the much-tossed-around term lies closer to two words interlinked by two symbols: “Food +/= Places.” It’s the circular notion of terroir, of food being rooted to a specific place, and of that place expressing itself through its food. It’s also the theme of the International Salone del Gusto 2010, the eighth edition of Slow Food’s biennial celebration of foods from around the world.

Carlo Petrini has called on America to lead the charge for change. In his words the world is watching and will follow our leadership. Salone del Gusto was the festival that celebrated food and more importantly food culture around the world. Terra Madre centered around forums, seminars, and inspirational discussions that included delegates from around the world. You can learn more about the delegates that represented our Philly chapter in Italy on our website and we hope to hold a conference to discuss the future endeavors we hope to accomplish having been inspired by our leadership that included Carlo and Josh Viertel, our President of Slow Food USA.

Click here for some photos of this year’s event.

“Wow. Terra Madre and the Salone were totally over the top. Thanks to you and to the Philly Slow Food chapter for selecting and supporting me and the rest of our group as delegates. I hope PASA can be a resource in years to come for recruiting farmers and food producers to attend Terra Madre—it can only have a hugely positive impact on the food system in our region.

Please share my deepest gratitude with the Philadelphia Slow Food chapter. I look forward to more collaborations celebrating and promoting the heroes of local foods.”

“Paul Crivellaro called me on Tuesday to say that every farmer in PASA should see Terra Madre- he was blown away. Thank you for putting your group together. “

Quotes from Marilyn Anthony
PASA SE Regional Director

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