Daisy Flour Open House & Tour of the Mill

daisy flour millThis event has been canceled due to flooding in the mill.

Location: Annville Flouring Mill, 545 W. Queen St. Annville PA 17003
Date & Time: Sunday, October 16, 2011, 1 to 4 p.m.

Tour the oldest continuously operating flour mill in the United States. Meet two generations of millers who have operated this mill.

The mill was established in the mid-18th century on a William Penn land In grant along the Quitapohelia creek in southcentral Pennsylvania. The structure has not changed signifigantly over the years. But the mill wheels, which ground flour, were replaced by a roller mill system early in the 20th century, soon after the invention of this gentler way to create a finer, modern style of flour.
The water power has been upgraded to electric power because the flow of the creek is not always dependable. Other than that, it still takes a trip to the blacksmith (rather than a hardware store) to fix something that breaks. Today’s miller, a graduate of the Kansas State University school for millers will be on hand to demonstrate the roller mill process.

Miller Dan Neufeld was trained at Kansas State University to use all the modern technology that helps him monitor the quality of the grain that we use in the mill today. Dan has learned, however, to use his senses in milling flour with colonial-era techniques: the feel of the flow of flour in his hands and the sounds of the functioning of the equipment when the mill is running.

The Brandt family operated the Annville mill throughout the 20th century. Dave Brandt still attends our open house events and tells about his work in upgrading the power systems. He remembers when his father converted the mill to rollers.

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