Philadelphia Brewing Co.

“By distributing our beers regionally it allows us to provide our customers with the freshest beers possible. And, because we self-distribute our beers, delivering locally keeps our fuel usage low, therefore having little impact on the environment. We also have an intense recycling and composting program in place. All our spent grains go to farms for feed. We do not have much waste at all – which we feel is very important. One of the farms we give our grains to is the Saul School, which is one of only a few agricultural high schools in the country. We believe by supporting our community and local businesses it makes our local economy much stronger and our city a much better place to live and do business.

We also feel that providing good wages, health benefits and a pleasant work environment where our staff enjoys coming to work is important to the health & growth of our business.

We are also proud to have been named 1 of the top 5 organic/sustainable breweries in the country by

Nancy Barton
William Barton
James McBride