Shellbark Hollow Farm

“Shellbark Hollow Farm is a family owned goat dairy farm in West Chester, PA. Pete Demchur received two kids as a Father’s Day gift and since 2002 has been licensed to produce fine goat milk products including cheese, ricotta, yogurt, raw milk and kefir.
Our herd of purebred Nubian goats are free to graze in our pastures or take a mid-day siesta in the barn.
Pete believes the most important part of Shellbark Hollow Farm is his “girls”. He enjoys making cheese but there is nothing more satisfying than spending time in the barn with the goats.
We produce a wide variety of cheeses depending on the season~ our fresh chévre, which we make year round, is so fresh that a customer could have their cheese within a week of milking. We also offer bloomy rind and raw milk aged cheeses.”

Peter Demchur


(610) 431-0786

942 Cornwallis Drive
West Chester, PA 19380