Zone 7

“Zone 7 is a farm fresh-distribution service that connects farmers and chefs. We pick up the highest quality ingredients from New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania farms and deliver them weekly to restaurants, grocers and institutions. Based in central New Jersey and named after our agricultural growing zone, Zone 7 works exclusively with the region’s best organic and sustainable farmers to offer fruit, berries, vegetables, mushrooms, eggs, honey, cheese, grain products and other farm-fresh food. Our mission is to strengthen our local and regional food chain by enabling restaurants, grocers and institutions to buy from and support small – and medium-sized sustainable farms. Zone 7’s role is to act as a direct link between farmers and chefs.

Zone 7 was founded in the spring of 2008 to satisfy the growing demand for local ingredients. Operating 52 weeks a year, we offer a consistent and reliable source of locally grown products to chefs and grocers. Our system promises a freshness nearly impossible to replicate on a larger scale. Each week we create a list of seasonally available ingredients from our farmers and drop this list into our customer’s e-mail box. By placing one order, customers have access to the products of 45 local farms, often within 48 hours of harvest. We also create a new and dependable market for farmers. We’re proud to help make farms more profitable. By helping sustainable farms become sustainable businesses, we contribute to their viability and longevity.”

Mikey Azzara
Zone 7


(609) 443-1772