Martindale's Natural Market

“Martindale’s Natural Market, founded in Philly in 1869, is known as America’s first health food store. “Health, first!” is still our focus as we provide natural and organic food, vitamins and supplements, and natural body care. Find local humanely-raised, grass fed beef, locally crafted cheeses, local fresh produce in season, and PA produced raw milk. We emphasize organic, local, nongmo, & fair trade choices. That’s because we love to eat good food and want to see sustainable food production continue to provide for future generations!
Our staff fills a huge dumpster with items for recycling every week. We honor a “bag rebate” program to encourage others to bring their own shopping bags. We give back to our community and value our friends doing great work in area organizations… like Slow Food Philadelphia.”

Dale Reece (also Mark Stayton, Joan Petrillo, Steve Ayers)