“At Russet we try to apply a sustainable model to everything we do. We source as much of our food as possible from the region (all meat, all produce, all flour and grains, almost all dairy and seafood). The large majority of produce we serve comes from a farmer named Steve Bowes who has been growing organically and biodynamically for forty years. He also raises all of his own seed stock so his offerings are never genetically modified, and in many cases his varieties have been unavailable to other farmers for decades. We recycle and compost. When we designed the restaurant we used a lot of salvaged materials in the decor, and we employed many green practices such as zero voc paint, recycled ceiling tiles, and an environmentally sound marmoleum floor. We are helping to establish a biodynamic, organic CSA with Steve Bowes. We take time everyday to share our ideas and knowledge with our staff, so that they can learn our model of sustainability. We don’t sell any products containing high fructose corn syrup, or chemically produced artificial sweeteners or flavors. We constantly try to improve on Russet so we can reduce our footprint each year.”

Andrew Wood (chef /owner)
Kristin Wood (pastry chef/owner)


(215) 546-1521

1521 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102