Otolith Sustainable Seafood

“Having once been able to enjoy quality fresh seafood throughout my childhood in Philadelphia and after experiencing life as a commercial seafood harvester in Alaska for ten years with my husband, I am privileged to understand the difference between renewable highest quality and healthful seafood as opposed to diminishing and poorly handled biomass resulting from unsustainable harvests. Otolith’s goal is a model for renewable seafood resources that supports biomass recovery and quality and allows small or new harvesters to participate while encouraging their sustainable harvests through better prices. Otolith Sustainable Seafood proudly provides education and a commitment to service and quality for all of our wholesale and retail clients. All of Otolith’s sustainable seafood is always wild, additive free, blast-frozen, sushi-grade, and harvested by sustainable harvesters of a well managed renewable seafood resource.”

Amanda Bossard